Image Detail       After weeks of toxicities, I’m looking forward to the relaxing atmosphere that Dayang Beach Resort has to offer. I’m holding on to a friend’s description of the place, “serene”. One can only wish for a calm and quiet surroundings after weeks of chaotic duties that entail sleepless nights, late meals, and long hours of standing. According to him, Dayang is located in Talicud Island, a small island adjacent to the rear side of Samal Island if the point of reference is Davao City. It can be reached by ferries directly from Sta. Ana Wharf. I heard though, that there’s only one ferry going to the resort and one leaving the island for the journey back to the city in the morning. Another way of going there is by a bus to Samal Island, find my way to Kaputian Beach and hire a boat from there to Talicud. I can only hope that I can find my way there without getting lost. But as another friend of mine succinctly said, “as long the place isn’t a jungle, and you know how to read and how to talk, you will surely find your way”. This is going to be my first solo adventure, and I feel so anxious and excited at the same time. A narrative of my experience will be posted here plus pictures, of course.


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  1. please post pics and tell us how to get there. we are planning to go there one of these days

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